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children's wing

Louisiana is one of the few places in the museum world where children have their own quarters. Since opening in 1994, the Children’s Wing has served as a vibrant and inspiring refuge for several generations of children and young people who have been able to use their senses and imagination and have got an eventful and completely natural introduction to the world of art.

During the week and on weekends, the Children’s Wing is the setting for a wide variety of activities, including open workshops that are related to both current exhibitions and works in the permanent collection. Special workshop activities and offers for small children, somewhat older ones and families are on the program during school holidays. And several times a year the Children’s Wing’s staff holds the popular Visual Arts Schools and Workshops, where children and adults have the time and opportunity to experiment with artistic techniques, expression and materials. 


Every day, during the daytime hours, there are open workshops in the Children’s Wing, where children from 4 and 16 can work creatively – paint, draw, sculpt and explore the adult artists’ and architects’ working methods and expression. All children can participate in the month’s visual arts competition with the images and works they have created in the Children’s Wing.

For kids who want to explore and develop their creative abilities, the Visual Arts School is open in the spring, summer and autumn.

During school breaks and around holidays, the Children’s Wing arranges special activity programs.

All activities for children are based on the museum’s current exhibitions and Louisiana’s permanent collection, so the children experience artists and their works from which they can afterwards draw inspiration for their own creative activities. Louisiana’s arts professionals organize and conduct the various activities.



Louisiana Children’s Wing consists of 500 child-friendly square meters spread over three floors. The wing was designed by architect Claus Wohlert as a coherent set of organic and functional spaces adapted to children’s active dialogue with contemporary art. There are no limits or thresholds. And the rooms’ natural arrangement encourages movement, curiosity and active exploration with art materials and techniques.


Outside the Children’s Wing windows is the Lake Garden, where children can go exploring on the crooked paths. Today the lake is a peaceful backdrop for the Children’s Wing  and the Giacometti Hall and thus part of the interplay among architecture, nature and art that you find constantly at Louisiana.

If you bring your lunch, the garden is a perfect place to eat it while enjoying the fabulous views.

The Lake Garden is also where you find Louisiana’s famous roller coaster!

The Lake Garden takes its name from Humlebæk Lake, which was excavated and turned into a fortified privateer port during the British bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807. Behind the high ramparts and fortifications, there could be up to a hundred small gunboats or privateers. With access to the Øresund, they were to battle and conquer the British naval and commercial vessels in Danish waters. The fortification never came to serve as a naval port, however, because the war ended before it was finished.


The Children’s Wing is also the setting for creative activities for adults. On the basis of the current exhibitions, for example, you can attend Visual Arts Workshops that give a deeper understanding of the exhibition and also provide the opportunity to develop your own creative talent under expert guidance. The exercises in the workshop will focus on painting, drawing, sculpture or installation. 


Louisiana has several offers for people who want to work creatively with artistic expression themselves. On the basis of the current exhibitions, you can participate in a number of activities that give a more thorough understanding of the exhibition and also offer the chance to develop your own creative talent under expert guidance.


Practical, inspiring and creative sessions based on Louisiana’s exhibitions and the permanent collection. You have a real opportunity to go into the individual works in depth and get your hands on artists’ materials and techniques.

Depending on the nature of the exhibition, the exercises in the workshop will focus on painting, drawing, sculpture or installation.


Lively and engaging artistic events of a few hours’ duration where there is time for a short introduction, creative work and also offbeat features. They are intended for people who want a brief, intense artistic experience.

The plus in ART+ must be taken quite literally, for the theme and content will vary. And although Louisiana’s arts facilitators introduce and create the framework, you and the other participants also help to influence how the evening unfolds.