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Louisiana has several offers for people who want to work creatively with artistic expression themselves. On the basis of the current exhibitions, you can participate in a number of activities that give a more thorough understanding of the exhibition and also offer the chance to develop your own creative talent under expert guidance.


Practical, inspiring and creative sessions based on Louisiana’s exhibitions and the permanent collection. You have a real opportunity to go into the individual works in depth and get your hands on artists’ materials and techniques.

Depending on the nature of the exhibition, the exercises in the workshop will focus on painting, drawing, sculpture or installation


Lively and engaging artistic events of a few hours’ duration where there is time for a short introduction, creative work and also offbeat features. They are intended for people who want a brief, intense artistic experience. 
The plus in ART+ can mean many things, and the theme and content will vary. And although Louisiana’s arts facilitators introduce and create the framework, you and the other participants also help to influence how the evening unfolds.