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Current exhibitions

17.4.2015 - 16.8.2015
Louisiana has a deep-rooted relationship with painting as such. This is evident in the museum’s collection as well as in the exhibition program. With the exhibition of paintings by Peter Doig (born 1959 in Edinburgh), a long-cherished wish will be fulfilled.
12.3.2015 - 21.6.2015
Jeff Wall (born in 1946) is the master of modern photography. Many contemporary painters and photographers are indebted to this artist from Vancouver who prepares every single image with the same care as if it were a theater piece developing in several acts.
5.2.2015 - 25.5.2015
Irish artist Richard Mosse utilizes an outdated military surveillance film to envision the civil war in eastern DR Congo anew. In this intersection between art and documentary he creates an appalling testimony of a forgotten and complex conflict.
Louisiana On Paper
19.3.2015 - 21.6.2015
Once again it is time for Hockney at Louisiana, this time in the Louisiana on Paper series with the artist’s striking drawings of the landscape of Yorkshire, where he was born. They are completely classical in style, sometimes drawn in the open air, other times from the driver’s seat of a car parked by the corner of a fence.
17.3.2015 - 31.5.2015
By means of simple and subtle modifications of older paintings , the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann sets the images free – in the sense of free of history, of their sublimity, and free of their originating social context, and thereby invite us to meet and think the artworks anew . Feldmann’s art can in fact be described as political, but at the...