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Louisiana cafe

The Louisiana Cafe boasts one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Øresund. Enjoying the mutable Sound is a unique experience at any time - during daytime, at dusk or in darkness. During summer season the view and meals can be enjoyed on the Calder Terace in front of the cafe.

Louisiana cafe


TUE-FRI 11-21:30 
SAT-SUN 11-17:30
HOLIDAYS 11-17:30

DANISH CHRISTMAS Buffet december 2-23 2014

The lunch and dinner buffets are based on contemporary Danish cuisine. Everything on the buffet is freshly prepared and well assorted, so you can compose your lunch or dinner according to how much and how healthy you prefer your meal – regardless of whether you prefer fish, meat, both or vegetarian. The meat, poultry and produce are seasonal and often come from high-quality suppliers such as Grambogård and Søren Wiuff. The individual dishes are conceived and prepared from scratch by the café’s talented chefs, and the bread is always home-baked, of course.

CHRISTMAS BUFFET LUNCH DKK 139 / children (max. 12 years) DKK 68
TUE - SUN 12-15 (12-3PM)

Marinated Icelandic herring with curry sauce and capers / Smoked salmon with Dijon cream sauce and crispy herbs / Celery soup with ginger and bacon / Duck sausage with cabbage and cranberries / Rib Grambogård with smoked juniper berries/ Red cabbage salad with salted walnuts and white wine syrup / Spinach salad with baked apples / Wheat kernels with pickled red onions and chives / Carrots with cinnamon and orange / Bread with clove salt / Potatoes roasted with bay leaves and goose fat / Rice pudding with cherry sauce and caramelised almonds


Celery soup with ginger and bacon

CHRISTMAS BUFFET DINNER DKK 139 / children (max. 12 years) DKK 68
TUE - FRI 17:30-20:30 (5:30PM-8:30PM)

Smoked salmon with Dijon cream sauce and crispy herbs / Celery soup with ginger and crispy bacon / Rib roast from Grambogård with smoked juniper berries / Glazed duck breast with pepper and honey / Orange sauce / Red cabbage salad with. salted walnuts and white wine syrup / Spinach salad with baked apples / Wheat kernels with pickled red onions and chives / Carrots with cinnamon and orange / Bread w. clove salt / Seeded rye bread / Potatoes roasted w. bay leaves and goose fat / Rice pudding with cherry sauce and caramelised almonds


Celery soup with ginger and bacon


A new interpretation of traditional Danish open-faced sandwiches with homemade cold cuts. It gets no more Danish than this. A combination of moist rye bread with cold cuts and other toppings of the highest quality – for example smoked salmon from Daniel Letz, corned chicken and seasonal vegetables. For most people, one sandwich is enough to satisfy the lunch appetite.

DKK 79
11-17:30 (5:30PM) 

Roast beef w. onion compote, radishes 
Smoked salmon w. saltwort, lime cream, capers, tomatoes
Celery rosti w. Jerusalem artichokes, frissé salad, chives



Kids' box: rye bread-chocolate rolls, dried fruit, 3 vegetables, Hanegal sausage DKK 42 
Organic juice: elderberry or orange DKK 28 / Organic milk DKK 8 / Hot chocolate DKK 26

cakes, coffeE and other drinks

Supplied by the Reinhard van Hauen family bakery. The legendary butter scones are always on the menu, while the enticing selection of cakes varies with the season. 

Scones DKK 26 / Danish cookies DKK 18 / Marzipan cake DKK 28 / Tosca cake DKK 32 / Sarah Bernhard DKK 28 / Apple roulade DKK 36 / Brownie DKK 34

Louisiana’s coffee is brewed from fresh-roasted beans from the micro-roaster Kontra. The carefully selected Brazilian beans give a rich, nutty taste. The beans are not ground until the coffee is brewed – by filter, since this method is especially well suited to bring out the full aroma in an ordinary cup of coffee.

Louisiana coffee or tea DKK 26 / Coffee refill DKK 15

Our juices and soft drinks are hand picked from suppliers such as the local Aarstiderne and Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri, making juices exactly as done in the olden days. The natural ingredients and manufacturing methods create unique products with outstanding smells and tastes. 

Mineral water DKK 12 / Biodynamic carbonated apple or apple-raspberry drink DKK 35 / Fizzy, Cold-pressed Rhubarb-, Strawbery-, and Ginger juice DKK 35 / Blackcurrant juice DKK 35 / Soft drinks DKK 30 / 

Draft beer DKK 42 / Louisiana white or red wine: glass DKK 44, bottle DKK 195 / 
Bitter or Gammel Dansk 2 cl DKK 38



Laid-back Friday evenings in the Café with live bands or the best DJs of the day. Arranged so that you can enjoy the music with the dinner buffet or just a glass of wine.

On selected Friday evenings, the Café is converted to a lounge scene with a pleasant atmosphere full of pop, jazz, folk, electronic or other contemporary lounge sounds. Both well-established and new musicians, singers and DJs appear on the program. The atmosphere is informal and intimate, with room for both musical pleasures and good conversation. 

  • The Friday Lounge events are musical evening get-togethers and not formal concerts. They are intended as a relaxing prelude to the weekend that also serves – in keeping with the spirit of the museum – as a meeting place and a setting for conviviality and a sense of community.
  • The Friday Lounge is free of charge for the museum’s guests – and it is a popular event. So it is not possible to reserve a table (no matter how many guests). Make sure to come early.
  • Please note also that not all areas in the Café are wired for sound, so it is not possible to hear the music and see the stage from all the seats.

gift idea


Buy it in the entrance or in the shop. 


If you wish to bring food to the museum, you must eat it in the Park. Picnic gatherings are not permitted in the Park.


You can book a table for a minimum of eight persons in the Louisiana Café Tuesday through Friday at 18:00 (6PM) (except when the Friday Lounge is held).
It is not possible to make reservations at other times. 

BOOKING: Call +45 49 19 07 19 and press 2 for booking from Tuesday to Friday 9:00-15:00 (9AM - 3PM).


See the “Smiley” restaurant inspection report from the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (in Danish): September 2014 >>