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For Children

Louisiana has great appeal for children – every day during daytime hours. The Children’s Wing is the children’s own area in the museum, with creative activities on three floors. Every day there are open workshops where children from 4 to 16 can work creatively – paint, draw, sculpt and explore the adult artists’ and architects’ working methods and expression.

All activities for children are based on the museum’s current exhibitions and Louisiana’s permanent collection, so the children are introduced to great artists and their works from which they can afterwards draw inspiration for their own creative activities. Louisiana’s arts professionals organize and conduct the various activities for children.

All children can participate in the Monthly Art contest with the images and pieces they have created in the Children’s Wing. For kids who want to explore and develop their creative abilities, the Visual Arts School is open in the spring, summer and autumn. During school breaks and around holidays, the Children’s Wing arranges special activity programs. 


TUE-SUN 11-18



Activities conclude
at 17:30  

open workshops 

Children can draw, paint, sculpt and experiment with colors and forms – on the basis of the museum’s current exhibitions and with help from Louisiana’ arts professionals.

WHEN: Tuesday-Sunday 11-17:30
WHO: Children 4-16 (NB: 4- and 5-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult)
FREE OF CHARGE for the museum’s guests – including materials


OLAFUR ELIASSON MODEL WORKSHOP: The Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson creates models used in developing artworks. It is geometrical models, which investigates the world we live in and how we live in it. In this workshop you can create your own geometric models.

DRAWING WORKSHOP – COLOURS INFLUENCES FORM: The Louisiana Collection holds several art works which consists ONLY of squares, triangles or circles. Try to work with different geometric figures and see what happens when you colour them.

ALBERTO GIACOMETTIS PORTRITS IN CLAY: Alberto Giacometti’ sculptures depictures portraits of people and the human body in often standing positions. He also creates bust’, which is a sculpture of the upper part of the body. Try out his technique by putting small pieces of clay together creating a portrait.  


Would you like to do something different for your child's birthday?
Why not invite to a birthday workshop
at the Children’s Wing.



Together with a curator from the Children’s Wing, you will explore one of Louisiana’s exhibitions and talk about and draw what you see. Afterwards, you work with paintings or sculptures in the Children’s Wing workshop, where you have the opportunity to try using various materials and techniques. Birthday gifts, cake, flags, meals and songs will have to wait until you get home. There’s simply no time for that in the workshop!

Choose from the following themes:

Sculpture’s transformations
Painting’s transformations
Asger Jorn – painting
Giacometti – sculpture
The Sculpture Park

NUMBER: Maximum of 16 children and 2 adults

PRICE: DKK 950 (includes materials, juice and coffee or tea for the adults).

DURATION: 2 hours

WHEN: Fridays 14-16 or Saturdays 11-13

BOOKING: Call tel. +45 49190719 (Tue.-Fri. 9-16)

The workshop can of course also be booked if you do not have a birthday but just want to have  a different kind of experience with friends or family.