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For Children

At Louisiana the children have their own area in the museum. The Children's Wing offers open workshops every day, where children from 4 to 16 can paint, draw, sculpt - and explore artists' and architects' working methods and expressions. 

All activities for children are based on the museum’s current exhibitions and Louisiana’s Collection. The various activities are organized and conducted by Louisiana’s arts professionals.

OPEN TUE-SUN 11-18. Activities conclude at 17.30

PANDURO HOBBY is sponsor of materials to Louisiana's Children's Wing

open workshops

Draw, paint and sculpt with colors and forms – on the basis of the museum’s current exhibitions.

WHEN: Tuesday-Sunday 11-17:30
WHO: Children 4-16. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult
FREE OF CHARGE for the museum’s guests – including materials


PAINTING WITH MAGIC & STRONG COLOURS – PAINTING WORKSHOP: Be inspired by how the artist Peter Doig paints pictures – and try out his methods of creating layers of paint, using strong colors and sample images.

SAMPLING OF FIGURES & COLOURS - PETER DOIG WORKSHOP: Try Peter Doig’s technique of sampling shapes and colours. Draw characters from record covers, postcards and books. Afterwards, you can transfer them to colored backgrounds. 

CLAY WORKSHOP – A HEAD IN CLAY: Georg Baselitzs large sculpture of wood The Women from Dresden: Heide, 1990 is the inspiration for this workshop. Form a small head in clay and use the clay tools to make the surface rough and uneven. Finally you can colour your sculpture - perhaps yellow as Baselitzs sculpture.

NATURE’S DETAILS – DRAWING WORKSHOP: Large tree trunks, leaves, grass and patterns on the bark can be seen in David Hockney’s drawings. In the drawing workshop we create images of nature with charcoal and pencil, just like Hockney. 

EXPERIMENTS WITH STRINGS – PAINTING WORKSHOP: The Danish artist Asger Jorn painted with strings – try the experiment in the Children Wing’s painting workshop.

GEOMETRIC FIGURES – CLAY WORKSHOP: Max Ernst used geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares in his imaginative sculptures of animal-like creatures. Try Ernst geometric sculpture technique – and create your own imaginary animals.


Every Sunday from 11.30 to 13.00 you can try and explore ideas, materials and techniques found in the artworks of the current exhibitions. 


Celebrate your birthday with a workshop for you and your friends in the Children's Wing

2 hours