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Louisiana Literature

Louisiana’s international literature festival LOUISIANA LITERATURE presents a selection of the best contemporary literature from countries around the world. Each August literature merge with the the art museum in a four day program with international and Danish authors performing at Louisiana. LOUISIANA LITERATURE 2016 takes place 18 - 21 August.

See or recall the LOUISIANA LITERATURE MOMENTS from previous festivals.


A four-day tightly packed programme makes it almost impossible to include everything, but luckily the festival has a long 'afterlife' on Louisiana Channel where many of the authors, who have been guests at Louisiana Literature, are featured - for instance Patti Smith, Tomas Espedal, Richard Ford, Nicole Krauss, Henning Mankell, and Kerstin Ekman.


News, literary quotes and daily doses of festival atmosphere. Follow Louisiana Literature here: 


Louisiana and literature

Literature has always had a place at Louisiana. Through the years the museum has welcomed authors and hosted literary events, just as it has made room for music and architecture. Previously, Nordic poetry days were held and in the 1980s Louisiana gave Eastern European dissident authors a place to speak freely. It was also at Louisiana that Salman Rushdie appeared in public in 1992 - for the first time since the fatwa calling for his assassination was issued.

Louisiana’s literature festival saw the light of day in August 2010 and was a resounding success. Since then, it has become an annual event bringing together over 40 authors from Denmark and abroad and thousands of festival goers during the four-day festival.

Thus Louisiana Literature upholds a strong tradition. The event keeps the museum engaged in the world of literature, and at the same time the festival emphasizes great literature and its necessity.

C. L. DAVIDS FOUNDATION AND COLLECTION supports Louisiana Literature