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Gleaming Lights of the Souls by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama remains one of the most popular features of the Louisiana collection


Introduction to the Louisiana Sculpture Park

Art, architecture and nature

A visit to Louisiana is an experience where art, architecture and nature is manifested to one.

Get an impression of the 'spirit of the place' as Louisiana's founder Knud W. Jensen called the atmosphere of Louisiana - in the video here. Filmed a sunny September day in 2015.


Concerts in the Sculpture Park with Riessler, Mikkelborg and Siegel

What's your favorite spot at Louisiana?

Louisiana is all about spaces and places. Not being a grandiose museum complex, but rather a modern underplayed museum, where building, landscape and artworks each intermingle in discrete and elegant ways there are many corners and artful secrets to unfold. Here, charming and witty visitors give their answers to the best spots at Louisiana.


In 2005 french starchitect Jean Nouvel and the Louisiana Museum came together to collaborate on the exhibition  'Jean Nouvel - Louisiana Manifesto'.

Ten years on, Nouvel has revisited the museum and shares his thoughts and passion about a place where architecture, nature and art belong together. "At Louisiana," says Nouvel, "each thing is directly felt, and everything is at home".