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The audio walks are literary sound experiences written by authors about spaces and art at Louisiana. Five audio walks are available in English. The first one was produced for this year’s festival by Mexican author Valeria Luiselli — and the others are a selection of highlights from previous years.

The audio walks are not formal guides to the artworks, but rather thoughtful, poetic, critical and witty observations based on the art and places that make up 'Louisiana'.

Pejk Malinovski has produced the audio walks. You can listen to them in random order, separately or as a whole. Maps for this year's audio walks are available at the museum entrance.

Valeria Luiselli
Borges’ Feet


On the bench with a view to the Sound, to the right of Henry Moore’s sculpture.
Duration: 08:05 min.

Audio Walk from 2016:
Erica Jong

Walking Across the Universe with Wind and Cloud

To Alexander Calder's Little Janey-Waney on the Calder Terrace.
Duration: 13:13 min.

Audio Walk from 2016:
Steve Roggenbuck

This Is An Advertisement For The Sky

On the Upper Lawn.
Duration: 07:24 min.

Audio Walk from 2014:
Teju Cole

You Drank Some Darkness 

On the lawn with a view of Sweden.
Duration: 04:50.

Audio Walk from 2013:
The Honey Bee is Almost Gone with His Three Wives Whose Names are the Same

At the Japanese maple tree in the Sculpture Park.
Duration: 05:00 min.