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17.6.2017 - 22.10.2017

Few artists in the world today evoke such strong emotions and reactions as the pioneer of body and performance art Marina Abramović. This summer Louisiana presents the first major retrospective presentation of Abramović's work in Europe.

Marina Abramović has inscribed herself in the history of art as one of the pioneers of body and performance art, and since the 1970s – with her own body and energy as her primary material – she has developed one of contemporary art's most radical and uncompromising practices.

Abramović is best known for physically and mentally demanding performance works that are often transgressive and revolve around the body, gender, energy, time, pain, presence, and identity. Her performances range from powerful, violent, and risky actions to quieter exchanges of energy and meetings with the audience. And especially in recent years, we the audience have increasingly become key players in her works.

The exhibition at Louisiana, entitled The Cleaner, presents fifty years of work. It has been developed in a dialogue with the artist and is organized by Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in collaboration with Louisiana.

Marina abramović on Louisiana Channel

In this exclusive video Marina Abramović teaches you how to turn an everyday moment into an extraordinary experience.

Follow your intuition. Have courage. And always be completely present in the moment. Marina Abramović gives advice to the young.