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Current exhibitions

20.5.2017 - 10.9.2017
Danish Tal R is one of the most striking artists of his generation with a strong and growing international reputation. Since the 1990s he has exhibited all around the world, particularly in Europe, and his art is represented in many major collections. During the past decade Louisiana has established a distinctive collection of works – especially...
17.6.2017 - 22.10.2017
Few artists in the world today evoke such strong emotions and reactions as the pioneer of body and performance art Marina Abramović. This summer Louisiana presents the first major retrospective presentation of Abramović's work in Europe.
8.7.2017 - 3.9.2017
A Summer presentation of selected works from the Louisiana Collection focused on three classic art-historical genres which have been cultivated over time with different intensities and varieties of expression. Works by artists as diverse as Léger, Picasso, Avedon, Warhol, Kirkeby, Tillmans, Demand, Doig and Dubuffet.