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Upcoming exhibitions

8.7.2017 - 3.9.2017
A Summer presentation of selected works from the Louisiana Collection focused on three classic art-historical genres which have been cultivated over time with different intensities and varieties of expression. Works by artists as diverse as Léger, Picasso, Avedon, Warhol, Kirkeby, Tillmans, Demand, Doig and Dubuffet.
21.9.2017 - 30.12.2017
In her large photographs and films, Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra manages to capture people who have stopped somewhere – in a park, on a beach, at a party, in life – so that they are present to an astonishing degree, right there in that very moment. Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959) is typically interested in transitions, the stages of life when we are on...
10.10.2017 - 25.2.2018
Who are we? What are we becoming ? Featuring video works, sculptures and installations this exhibition presents a range of prominent, younger artists who are all intent on questioning and seeking answers to the human condition in an ever more rapidly and radically changing world. We live increasingly not only with, but also in, the Net, and this...
Louisiana On Paper
9.11.2017 - 4.2.2018
As part of the wild art scene in New York in the early 1980s, George Condo was close to painters such as Basquiat and Keith Haring and worked at Warhol's Factory applying diamond dust to silkscreen. At the same time, he found his way to his own artistic expression, which he describes as "artificial realism". Condo (born in 1957) mixes input from...