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Upcoming exhibitions

3.5.2018 - 19.8.2018
Louisianas large summer presentation takes a present-day look at the long and multi-faceted artistic career of German painter Gabriele Münter (1877-1962) – an artist who deserves recognition for her striking contribution to the art of the twentieth century.
Louisiana On Paper
17.5.2018 - 19.8.2018
With his iconic interpretations of American society in the past five decades, Ed Ruscha (born 1937) stands out as one of the most prominent figures of 20th century American art. Ed Ruscha is closely associated with cool and elegant representations of stylized gas stations, Hollywood logos and archetypal landscapes. His work seems to distil the...
13.9.2018 - 20.1.2019
This large-scale Louisiana exhibition will explore the Moon as an artistic icon, symbol of longing and object of scientific inquiry. It leads up to the 50th anniversary of the first manned Moon landing and encompasses art, film, literature, architecture, design, natural history and historical objects.
The Architect’s Studio
11.10.2018 - 17.2.2019
In the series The Architect’s Studio Louisiana presents the Chilean studio ELEMENTAL headed by artistic director Alejandro Aravena. IIn 2016 Aravena was awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize and was director of the Venice Architecture Biennale with the support of the entire ELEMENTAL group.
8.11.2018 - 24.2.2019
Life, colour, motion and erotic power pervade the works of Cecily Brown. The British painter (born 1969) is considered as one of the central figures in the resurgence of painting since the turn of the century.