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Louisiana Butik

The Louisiana Butik carries a variety of high-quality design products. The assortment of items ranges from classic to new and experimental Scandinavian design. The Louisiana Shop receives inspiration both from within and without. While the selection of items reflects the latest trends in design, it is also influenced by the changing special exhibitions at the museum.

In the book section of the Butik you will always find a large and varied selection of books on individual artists, visual art and architecture, as well as photography and design, including graphic design. The shop also carries books related to the museum’s collection and exhibitions and to current debates on art.


Jean Arp — 1962
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

Henry Heerup — 1966
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

Robert Indiana — 1972
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

David Hockney — 1976
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

Keith Haring — 1985
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

Edward Hopper — 1992
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

Alexander Calder — 1996
DKK 99 / members DKK 89

William Eggleston — 2004
DKK 99 / members DKK 89


NEW ARRIVAL: Louisiana Portfolio folder with 5 prints from the museum's Joseph and Celia Ascher Collection of mainly Concrete and Suprematist works on paper. The works in this portfolio folder are by Wassily Kandinsky, Ed Lissitzky, Oskar Schlemmer, Lyubov Popova and Lázló Moholy-Nagy and printed on 240 g uncoated papir in A3 format. Price DKK 299 / klubpris kr. 269 / members DKK 269


Relanceret klassiker: spaltekanden i glaseret stentøj. Danish design: Eva Stæhr-Nielsen. Kr 599-749 / klubpris kr 539-674
Louisiana le-glasses: Unisex læsebrille i matsort acetat / Reading glasses in black acetate. Fås kun / only available at Louisiana Butik. Kr 589 / klubpris kr 530
VIND et sæt med 4 jubilæums-plakater / WIN set of 4 anniversary posters 👉🏼 swipe to see both sets. Relanceret i dag på Louisianas 60 års fødselsdag / Relaunched today on Louisiana’s 60th birthday. Kr 99 / klubpris i denne uge 60. Like or comment. Vinderne får direkte besked fredag 17.8. / Winners will be announced this Friday.
Smukke keramikkopper med farveglaserede indersider. Handmade in Denmark by Tasja P. Kr 220 / klubpris kr 198. Små keramikskåle. Handmade in Denmark by Oh Oak. Kr 149 / klubpris kr 134
Skøn feminin duft / Eau de toilette: Lotus Dust Red by Danish Henrik Vibskov. Kr. 700 / klubpris kr 630
Keramik fad og vaser / Ceramic dish and vases. Danish design: Knabstrup keramik. Kr 249-399 / klubpris kr 224-359. Hånddrejet unika skål i kirsebærtræ / Handmade bowl in cherrywood. Made in Denmark by Træsmeden. Kr 2995 / klubpris kr 2696
Ed Ruscha udstillingskatalog / exhibition catalogue VERY. Kr 250 / klubpris kr 225.
Ny dansk kogebog / New Danish cookbook: MÆT by Katrine Klinken and Rigetta Klint. Kr 300 / klubpris kr 270. Unika keramik skål og fade / Handmade ceramic bowl and dishes. Made in Denmark by Charlotte Serup. Kr 299-475 / klubpris kr 269-428.
Louisiana udstillingsplakat / exhibition poster: Ed Ruscha - Double Standard, 1970. A1. Kr 149 / klubpris kr 134.
Tekande og kopper i sommerlige farver. Tekande /Teapot. Danish design: Hay. Kr 449 / klubpris 404. Kopper / Cups. Handmade in Denmark by Studio Arhøj. Kr 149-289 / klubpris 134-260.
Lækker skuldertaske i nude kalveskind by Turkish Lorena. Kr 1260 / klubpris kr 1134. Fine sokker / pretty socks by Danish Henrik Vibskov. Kr 170 / klubpris kr 153. Solbriller / sunglasses by Belgian Komono. Kr 399 / klubpris kr 359.
The Book of Flowers by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Kr 499 / klubpris kr 449. Keramik æggebægre i blomsterfarver / Ceramic egg cups. Handmade in Denmark by Studio Arhøj. Kr 119 / klubpris kr 107
Slippers med jutesål / with jute sole. Danish design: Shangies. Produceret bæredygtigt / produced sustainable in Shanghai. Kr 299 / klubpris 269
Unika keramik vaser. Handmade in Denmark by Trine Rytter. Kr 299 / klubpris kr 269. Vendebakke i eg og laminat / Flip tray. Danish design: The Oak Men. Kr 649 / klubpris kr 584.
VIND: Disse fem tryk af værker fra Louisianas Ascher Samling er netop landet i @louisianabutik - sælges i fin portfolio mappe til kr 299 / klubpris kr 269. Like eller kommenter denne post senest søndag - vi trækker lod om to mapper mandag 9.7
Den nye ee12 kollektion er kendetegnet ved fine, lette materialer og smukke, skulpturelle silhuetter / The new ee12 collection is characterized by fine, natural materials and beautiful sculptural silhouettes. Fås kun / available only in Louisiana Butik.
Flotte solbriller / Stylish sunglasses. Danish design: Have a look. Kr 199 / klubpris kr 179
Unika keramik kopper og skåle / Handmade ceramic cups and bowls. Made in Denmark by Studio Arhøj, Christian Bruun, Karin Blach Nielsen. Kr 119-775 / klubpris kr 107-698. Træskåle med hank / Wood bowls. German design: Asa Selection. Kr 169-379 / klubpris kr 152-341 #louisianabutik
Sommerklar: stråhat / Straw hat by Seeberger. Kr 269 / klubpris kr 242. Solbriller / Sunglasses by Komono. Kr 399 / klubpris kr 359. Tørklæde / Scarf by Mapoesie. Kr 539 / klubpris kr 485
Kæmpestore unika keramik krukker / Huge ceramic pots. Handmade by the Danish ceramist Christian Bruun. Kr 5.500-15.000 / klubpris kr 5.150-13.500


ee12 is a Danish fashion brand by the acclaimed designer Pernille Engbirk and Amalie Engbirk Friis. Designed to be used year after year, regardless of season and situation. The collection is characterized by high quality, sustainability, superior comfort and stylish aesthetics.


Exclusive black leather bag with stylish and
funktional details. 
DKK 1699 / members DKK 1529


Unisex glasses in black, matt polished acetate.
DKK 585 / members DKK 527

Louisiana - Architecture and Landscape by Michael Sheridan

A new book with the story of Louisiana by the American author and architect Michael Sheridan.

DKK 348 / Members DKK 248
Danish and English. 

Pictures from the book Louisiana - Architecture and Landscape

The villa that serves as the entrance to the museum, seen from the park in 1966, with Alberto Giacometti’s Standing Woman IV in the foreground.

Louisiana, 1958. When the museum opened, the large room overlooking the sea was a library with a reading corner around the fireplace. The room is now a cafe, but the fireplace remains in use.

Susanne Ussing, Carsten Hoff og Flemming Østergaard: Byggeri Manifest 1976. During the 1970s, as part of his efforts to keep pace with social change, Knud W. Jensen considered building a new, hippie-inspired wing of the museum.

The first extension of the museum was completed in 1966, and is now part of the West Wing. A view of the Tree Passage seen from the High Gallery, including works by Robert Jacobsen, 1966.

Before Alberto Giacometti’s sculptures were installed in the mid-1970s, the Lake Gallery was used for temporary exhibitions, including 5000 Years of Egyptian Art, April-May 1962.

In May 1964, Knud W. Jensen held a press conference announcing the construction of a new exhibition building. Inspecting the model (left to right): Pontus Hultén, Knud Mühlhausen and Knud W. Jensen.

Ballet master Flemming Flindt commands the stage during Louisiana’s Danish Music and Ballet Festival, May 1959.

Louisiana Editions

Louisiana Editions are original prints, created specifically for Louisiana by artists who have exhibited at the museum in recent years and are represented in the museum’s collection. The Louisiana Editions are obvious collectors’ items. 

When Louisiana celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008, some of the artists who had exhibited at the museum were asked to design a print to be sold in support of Louisiana. 

The prints are issued in a limited edition, and the price has been set in agreement with the artists themselves, who have generously wanted to support Louisiana. The entire income from the sale of the series will be spent on new acquisitions for the museum’s collection. Please call +45 4919 0719 and ask for the Shop or contact

Pipilotti Rist
Homöli für Louisiana, 2010
DKK 9.500 
Members DKK 8.000
41,9 x 29,6 cm. Edition of 35 copies.

Shilpa Gupta
Don't see, 2010
DKK 8.500
Members DKK 7.000
35,5 x 54, 5 cm. Edition of 35 copies. 
Photograph in colour on paper. Framed. 

William Kentridge
Lulu & Schön
DKK 16.500
Members DKK 15.000
Signed and numbered. Edition of 40 copies. 

Eve Sussman
Triangle, 2008
DKK 12.500
Members DKK 10.000
61 x 82 cm. Edition of 30 copies.
Black and white still photograph from film. 

Louisiana posters – a selection, find more in the shop

De Tio Största, nr. 7, Mannaåldern, 1907
100 x 142,7 cm
DKK 249 / Members DKK 224

Everything I Have
100 x 152 cm
DKK 299 / Members DKK 269

Flugten til Ægypten
98 x 80 cm
DKK 149 / Members DKK 134

Fremtidens Hus
62 x 85 cm
DKK 199 / Members DKK 179

Skovshoved Tankstation
62 x 85 cm
DKK 199 / Members DKK 179

1025 Farben
117 x 122 cm
DKK 299/ Members DKK 269

125 x 100 cm
DKK 259 / Members DKK 233

Adieu Interessant (silver)
100 x 106 cm
DKK 259 / Members DKK 233

100 x 106 cm
DKK 299 / Members DKK 269

A Closer Grand Canyon
137 x 46 cm
DKK 259 / Members DKK 233

Plein Air NY, 1968
120 x 68,5 cm
DKK 259 / Members DKK 233

Figures in Landscape
70 x 100 cm
DKK 199 / Members DKK 179

62 x 85 cm 
DKK 149 / Members DKK 134

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Buy it in the entrance or in the shop. 

books on art, architecture, design and more

LOUISIANA SHOP also has a well assorted specialty book store with an up-to-date assortment of books on
FICTION relevant to Literature, LIVE and Lecture

Louisiana Books — a selection

Poul Gernes: I Cannot Do It Alone - Want To Join In?
Contributions by Helle Brøns, Anders Kold and Lene Bøgh Rønberg among others. 95 pages. In Danish and English. 2016. DKK 200 / Members DKK 150

The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen & Yayoi Kusama: A Fairy Tale of Infinity and Love Forever
96 pages. In English and Danish. DKK 378 / Members DKK 298

Yayoi Kusama - In Infinity
Danish and English, 128 pages. English catalogue (hardback): DKK 198 / Members DKK 178

Riverbed: Olafur Eliasson at Louisiana
Riverbed Reflections by Olafur Eliasson and Afterword by Poul Erik Tøjner. Photo: Iwaan Baan. In English. 2016. DKK 300 / Members DKK 250

Lucian Freud - A Closer Look. Works from the UBS Art Collection
Essays by Richard Cork and Anders Kold. 111 pages. 2015. In English. DKK 228 / Members DKK 175

Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs 1996 – 2013
Contributions by Camiel van Winkel and Hripsimé Visser including an interview with Jeff Wall. 140 pages. English and German. 2014. DKK 275 / Members DKK 225

Eye Attack - Op Art and Kinetic Art 1950-1970
In Danish and English. 2016. English catalogue (hardback): DKK English DKK 198 / Members DKK 178

Asger Jorn
By Helle Brøns. 163 pages. In Danish and English. Louisiana Library. DKK 198 / Members DKK 148


A selection of Louisiana postcards are always to be found in the Shop at the lower level:
Arp, Basquiat, Calder, César, Cézanne, Dubuffet , Ernst, Francis, Gernes, Herbin, Hockney, Hopper, Höch, Jorn, Kahlo, Kirkeby, Kjærholm, Kusama, Lichtenstein, Lucas, Majerus, Miró, Moore, Ono, Picasso, Pollock, Quingsong, Rauschenberg, Richter, Rist, Rivera, Rothke, Tal R, Warhol…


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